About Dubie

I am a Senior Digital Media Strategist, heavily invested in every aspect of online brand marketing. With an in-depth understanding of the dynamics involved in social media and other areas of online marketing, and a passion for discovering, testing and staying updated with the latest marketing tools and trends, I am in a unique position to provide invaluable insight and brand direction. I create engaging content strategies and deliver high quality, multi-media content designed to attract relevant audiences and exponentially increase brand reach and influence. My superpower is identifying the weakest links in a brand strategy, the areas that are in most urgent need of optimization, and determining the most valuable growth opportunities a brand is missing out on. Having helped build and launch numerous startups using innovative thinking and an "out-of-the-box" approach, I always aim to find new, cost-effective ways for executing complex strategies based on intelligent correlation of different marketing tools and tactics. I can help you identify the most important existing opportunities for increasing your brand's online exposure, and provide direction as to how to incorporate them in your marketing efforts. Feel free to contact me with your project requirements for a professional consultation.


Having worked with Dubie on several projects over the years, I can say with confidence that she is an experienced digital media marketing professional. She has travelled extensively worldwide and u... Read more →
Greg Wilson
Dubie is amazing! She did an in-depth research of our market and delivered a branding strategy based on quality educational content. Our main concern when hiring Dubie was that she didn’t know anyt... Read more →
Anna Paphitis